Friday, June 30, 2006

Completely Crass!

I don't normally address topics like this in my writing terribly often, but this is something that's bothered me for years and I just have to have an outlet:

Public Restroom Etiquette

I work in an upscale-area of Atlanta, GA, in an up-scale building. The bathrooms have beautiful marble counters and tile floors. Everything is high-end (or at least upper-middle end) and the restrooms rarely even have an odor (unless the odiferous individual has only recently departed).

So how is it that, at least twice a week, some individual of the female persuasion flouts convention (and hygiene) by depositing liquid fecal matter on the back of the toilet seat, then has not even the courtesy to wipe it up?

Were I the offender, I believe that I would surely be aware of my propensity for projectile "poop". I find it highly unlikely that a functioning adult (presumably, as there are no daycares in our building) would fail to recognize that they had left behind a mess. That being assumed, this means only one thing: They are aware of their indiscretion and consciously CHOOSE to leave the stall without affecting a clean-up.

It is so beyond my comprehension and so utterly revolting, I wish desperately to type up a message and affix it in the stall where the offense most often occurs:

If you SHIT on the SEAT, please CLEAN it UP!

Simple, effective, to the point... and probably a quite pointless gesture. I have little doubt that it would be removed before anyone was properly motivated to correct their unfortunate habits!

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