Friday, June 16, 2006

Favorite Words

It's been rather longer than I had intended since I first started this blog. (Please refer to my previous blog comment about serial passions keeping me from the laundry.)

I thought it funny last night as I read from Carolyn See's book "Making a Literary Life" that she would mention Favorite Words... and how to avoid them in your writing.

Every writer has a set of favorite words that s/he tends to overuse and I think I've found two of mine: copasetic and ostensibly. However, I will admit to verbal abuse of these two words rather than written overuse. As a matter of fact, I usually forget how to spell "copasetic" and have to rely on SpellCheck to help me out so I am very aware of my written usage of that particular word.

I have also cut down on "hopefully" because MSWord nails me on it every time with a little green underline.

Now that I've remembered that I HAVE a blog, "hopefully" you'll see me back here more often!

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