Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wasn't my last post about having not posted in too long of a time?!?! (I wouldn't know; I haven't read my blog since the last time I posted - TWO months ago!)

So I'm sitting here listening to my friends Spiral Rhythm. They're vunderbar! (Don't shoot me, I really don't speak any real German.) I'm reveling in my new job at one of the "world's leading confectionary companies". I'm blessing all the heavens above that there is very little DRAMA in my life at the moment. I'm thinking of leaving my husband (who won't answer his cell phone) a note to tell him that our three-year-old had a poop so big it clogged our upstairs toilet. (What?!? ME use the plunger, WHATEVER!) I'm in wonder at the fact that this is the first thing I've written in over two weeks... what's more, I think I'm okay with that fact. I'm wondering when my good friend Kit is gonna "pop" and welcome the newest member of our Wednesday mommies' group.

And I'm tickled with my silly self for coming up with "smart-soundin'" tags for this post. Anyone out there know XML? I'm trying to learn and could use a few astute pointers, web resources, etc.

Love ya's all!