Sunday, June 25, 2006

Joining Up

I have joined and am (cough) slighty appalled at what passes for storytelling. Their point system is also a bit confusing... Oh well, I have to start somewhere to regain my critical thinking skills.

I want to tell so many of these writers that just because you CAN post a story, doesn't mean you SHOULD. It's not that I don't wish for them to become writers - I certainly am not worried about any "spotlight sharing" - I just wish they had a better idea of what makes a good story. Oh, and why their story isn't good yet. I will always allow for the benefit of the doubt that they could improve.

Whew, apparently I needed to rant after spending two hours of my Sunday morning reading drivel that other people were praising with words I would reserve for much better writing. I just hope I can hunt out some pieces worth reading and commenting on in my next several trips there.

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Kurt Kawohl said...

Hi. I know that I'm a lousy writer but I have an amazing story to tell that may bring about religious rationality if it is told correctly. How or where can I get someone to help me? I don't want to make any money from the book & would even pay to have it published. Any suggestions?