Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ok - So I was mildly chastised (thanks for the push, though, Kit) for having neglected my lonely little blog... Good thing they let your account stand unused indefinitely (I think)!

I am working my way into a new venture, a new stage of my evolution as it were. I'm working on developing a modest website dedicated to healing the tumultuous relationship so many of us have with my favorite four-letter word: FOOD.

It's important to me to start working on my goal and a wise person suggested a website because of the possibility for a more instantaneous type of gratification than might be avilable through other methods. I hope to use the contacts I make through the site to extend my abilities to share with people the struggles I (and so many others) have had with food - and show them that there is hope for healing.

One way I hope to accomplish this is through a book of recipes accompanied by the stories of those who gifted the recipes to me. Another is the development of a program I can personally teach to people who want to learn more about food as a way to nourish more than just their bodies; it's about so much more than mere physical sustenance.

I understand that baby steps (with an occasional leap off a cliff) are probably the best way to approach my new venture. There is so much for me to learn! But with each thing I learn, whether about nutrition, business or web development, I put myself that much closer to my goal of having a truly meaningful career - a "lifestyle" that I have designed myself, not just allowed to "happen" to me.

This post is a bit stream of consciousness, eh? Yeah, well, my mind traveling in so many directions at once tends to make my writing that way, too. Go figure!

Thanks for stopping by!

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