Friday, July 14, 2006

I have that CD already?!?

Ok, here's a bizarre phenomenon - I was upstairs in my Craft Room rummaging for some CDs I like to load into my laptop. (That would be so that I can block out the sounds of my little person's Signing Times DVDs while I write.) So I'm going through a big bin of them and I see a CD in there that I didn't know I had. This was a good thing because recently I had contemplated buying said CD, but hadn't wanted to spend the money.

I took the CD downstairs and loaded it in iTunes. Then the songs started playing once they were all imported. I recognized the first song and thought, "Oh, I must've heard that one on the radio." The second song began and I thought, "Oh, they must've played that one on the radio, too." By the time the third came around and the fourth and I recognized them all, I started to realize that I (apparently) had listened to this particular CD several times and knew all the songs rather well... Yet I'd somehow forgotten I even owned the blasted thing...

I'm sure any number of things contributed to my memory loss (lack of sleep, no exercise, poor diet - oh, two-year-old son). Still, it was disconcerting. I was truly shocked when I saw the CD in my bin and truly had no memory of it until I started playing the songs.

I think that falls under the heading of having way too much stuff - eBay, here I come!

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