Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Workaday World Blues

I dislike some things about the way the working world works... Hmmm, that's pretty mild and a fairly generic statement to make. I strongly dislike the fact that when business sucks, especially in a small business, the people who are responsible for shouldering the heaviest load are the first to be "cut" from the budget. Little errors, the kind that are par for the course, are treated as major infractions and simply fuel the fire of "bottomline" thinking.

It's never reflected upon that, for example, if sales was doing the things they needed to, we wouldn't be having discussions about who might be "let go". We would be working so hard the days would fly by (still making minor mistakes, mind you) and they would be talking about hiring more folks.

That's the real trouble - companies would rather let go of a decent employee than fire a bad one and they'd rather train someone new after a round of layoffs when they could have just hung on to another through a drought. I realize I'm being vague and I hope to goodness the "talk" will be over soon. It's just the sands through which we must slog until then that get to me.

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