Thursday, June 19, 2008


My husband is right. Our house is a mess. Not a gross mess, just a very... er, distracting mess. Want proof? Okay... (Not for the faint of heart or neat freaks - Dad, that's you, just in case you ever happen to read this post.)

And the perpetrator of this portion of the mess (surrounded by his domain):

Yeah, it's hard to be upset, just as it's hard to get up off the couch and do anything about the mess when one is in the first trimester of pregnancy. (Good heavens, what's the THIRD going to be like?!?!) I have a good friend, the one who reminded me it had been a while since my last post, who has three little ones. That means she's been through three third trimesters. Try even SAYING that three times fast! Oy!

So, to say that I'm living in a bit of a wasteland at the moment is the unfortunate truth. My dear, sweet husband has tried to keep the nomadic tribes of wandering toys and mountainous piles of laundry confined to relatively small areas, but I think his patience with me is wearing (read: has worn) a bit thin. From whence do I beg, steal or borrow the energy after a full day of work to come home and clean? My perennial monkey-on-the-back question. I don't have the answer yet, but on my way home from work this afternoon, half falling asleep at the wheel, I thought - as I often have - it doesn't have to be like this.

Any suggestions?!?!


jess said...

Ooh, a tiny, in-womb person. I'm so jealous! At 33 I'm still taking care of other people's, which I love but I'm getting kinda tired of.. I want my own tiny person!!!

Isn't Black Hockey Jesus awesome? I love the name Zoe, a couple of friends just named their baby Zoe too and they joked that they were naming her "after me." :) I took Greek in college (I like to say that cuz, like, it makes me sound, like, totally smart?) and it reminded me of my favorite church youth leader in HS, and how he came up with zoenikos as a team name in youth group. Nikos is victory (where Nike gets their name). So I used zoenikos for my first email address and I liked it so much I kept it around. Zoe Chastain is a beautiful name. I like the meaning too.

I am trying to win a contest for the longest comment ever left on your blog. How'm I doing?

Thanks so much for the comments, btw, lots of my readers are friends & family who aren't bloggers and don't get the whole "commenting" thing. So it's super exciting to get comments from a new reader.
Keep posting, I'll be reading. :)

Gypsy Guru said...

Tee hee - Thanks! I think you're in first place for the longest comment ever - CONGRATULATIONS!! I'd like to offer a prize, but, um, let me see... Do you like granola bars? I have a couple of those lying about. ;)

jess said...

How did you know I like granola bars?!?!? You must be psychic. ;0)

jess said...

How come you have to work, produce the tiny humans, AND clean the house? Unfair division of labor, I say!

Gypsy Guru said...

Trust me, no unfair division of labor in our household - we're pretty much straight-up halvsies on everything, right down to the poo-bum changing. Except cat hork - I rarely clean that unless it's right in my way. His cat, after all!