Sunday, February 24, 2008

Organized Doodles: A Friendly Little Game

I found this post over at Organized Doodles: A Friendly Little Game. I laughed so hard, really deep belly laughs, all the while ignoring my son's demands of, "What's so funny, Mommy?" Since he's only three-and-a-half and he doesn't really get poo humor (toot humor, well, he loves that), I didn't even try to relate the story. I can honestly say that we've had no poo stories of note in his whole life (so far) with the exception of being surprised at the sometimes prodigious amount of the stuff. But I appreciate having the oppportunity to laugh at other people's interesting adventures in kid-raising - Thanks Rick!


Rick said...

HEY! Thanks for the nice comments and the link. I just happened to be scrolling down your blog when the title of mine jumped out at me.

I shared part of that story to a friend who was in the emergency room just last night - there for chest pains. She was laughing so hard that I had to back off on some of the details, afraid that it would give her a heart attack.

Drop in anytime.

Gypsy Guru said...

I think it's a good thing you "pulled the punches" with her on that story - it definitely had me rolling. I thought I had it bad when my three-year-old was clogging the toilet with every poo. We've never had to do a roadside pitstop with him - I cannot even imagine the outcome. (Though, if it should happen, I believe I will have to share it.) Thanks for popping over!! And you'll certainly see me back - I gotta find that egg guy!