Sunday, February 17, 2008

Feeling Artistic

The "Creative Spirit" has been lingering about our abode for the past several days (if she ever really left us at all). It's been a positive thing and a not-so-positive thing - we really have been avoiding the other sundry responsibilities that go along with homeownership and parenthood. As a result, we had to focus all of both of our attentions on the little Noodle Dude just to get him to eat one small serving of baked chicken (which he usually gobbles up without incident). It was frustrating in the extreme but I treated myself to a little R&R after the ordeal and finished this:


I'm not totally thrilled with the color job (or the photograph) but I am quite enamored of the media: pencil, sharpie marker, and watercolor pencils. These last are quickly becoming my favorite way to "paint". I haven't had much success with acrylics, oil pastels or tempera (see my previous attempt). The watercolor pencils, though, they seem easier and faster - and accomplish exactly the look I'm going for without a lot of theory or practice. Lazy? Maybe. Perfectly fine by an over-stimulated, high goal-setting wife/mom. So there.


Kit said...

Ahh, maybe you've found your medium! Don't feel guilty about taking time to be creative- it will help you both recharge and can also set a good example. Does Noodle ever want to join in?

Kyddryn said...

There's wealth of potential in those pencils - I wore a set out, playing with them!

You know, the laundry will always need doing, there are always dirty dishes somewhere (even in your kitchen, where surgeons could operate without fear) but the creative spark doesn't always glow bright.

Get the Noodle dude some of those washable markers, make a copy or two of your black-and-white drawings, and let him color away.

I got copies of some of Kerri's art for Bird, and he loves painting and coloring them alongside me - I bet she'd be OK with you copying some of the ones you got last week for him.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Rick said...

There's something appealing about this illustration. I like to use color pencil and pen in my illustrations. I like the control that they give me.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

My apologies Gypsy - I'm acting like we've never met, and now I see that I have been here before. I still like the doodle. You need to pick up the pen again and do some more.