Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I keep *intending* to write new posts here and at Persnickety Eater. Intention. It's a slippery thing - it can get you everywhere and nowhere. The thought sauntered through my head that a mechanism that would allow me to compose a post right in my head would be hella-useful. It was wiggling its bum provocatively and I almost fell for its lure.

Then I came to my senses... There's a reason why we need the buffer of composition and editing between our minds and the electronic page: my thoughts are far too many and too chaotic to allow out for mass consumption! Presumably, everyone else's are too, hence our mouths as (often unreliable) buffers between thought and expression.

Still... What fun might it be to read a transcript of someone's thoughts for, say, 2 minutes? Would it be just enough to get a sense of their general structure? Or would you just be lost utterly?

So, as far as intentions will carry me... I intend to create a Beautiful Blogger Babes post before long (read: when I can compose on a computer rather than my iPhone, bless the useful lil' bugger). It's just a little thought of creating a tiny little electronic networking opportunity. Never know how you'll find the next person who's meant to be part of your soul-journey!

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