Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shine On

This might not be obvious from previous posts - in fact, this might run entirely contrary to previous posts, come to think of it - but I am a relatively happy person. With few breaks in continuity, I have primarily looked upon the world in general with a glass-three-quarters-full, anything-is-possible sort of attitude. It's no coincidence that the first tattoo I chose was a sunshine with a Northward-pointing compass directional above it. Sunny, happy-go-lucky, joyous, brighten-your-spirits - I identify deeply with those descriptors.

In my darkest of days (the ones that seem most often to find their outlet here), one or the other of the wonderful people whom I cherishingly (is that a word?) claim as friends nearly always manages to remind me that I am valuable, to them and to my boys and to others as well. In the throes of pain, it's not always easy to dredge up (or believe) that kind of information by myself. It's much, much easier to believe that my contribution to this world is so little as to be utterly insignificant, which invariably breeds the thought: "Then what's the point?"

There's always a point, to every life that exists then ceases to exist. How we perceive, receive, believe and allow those lives to achieve their ends provides us with the reason. When we stifle life, our own or others, we cause damage that's impossible to measure. Still, those times are ripe for learning, too, in the endless, formless, timeless way that existence simply happens.

As I continue to emerge from my current cycle, rising into the next one with just a little more grace, a little more wisdom, a little more experience, and just possibly a little less baggage, I can feel a radiance beginning to grow within. It's always been there, though it's been frightfully dim for too long. With continued nurturing, that light will once again have the chance to shine through - Future's so bright, we're all gonna need shades!


jess said...

Yay for new beginnings!!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you, my friend. :)

Michelle Roebuck said...

Thanks!! So far it's included three-plus weeks of a yoga/pilates class at my Gold's Gym, more laundry getting done more often, fewer naps "needed", more time spent outdoors, and a generally more pleasant disposition. There's a definite sense of internal spaciousness. And that's a lovely feeling indeed!

Anonymous said...

Spaciousness! In the mind, heart, or in the physical home, I'm always envious of people who can achieve something other than complete clutter-- congratulations! :)

Looking forward to reading about what's on the other side of this leaf-- let your light shine!

Michelle Roebuck said...

I so greatly appreciate the support you've both given - the loveliness of the blogging community abounds and astounds.