Saturday, April 16, 2011


Taxes are beckoning (it's a frightening, crookedy finger that Tax Man has...) but I HAD TO acknowledge a lovely gift that arrived à notre Georgia-based maison yesterday afternoon all the way from my blogger friend Jess in California who writes Zoe. No, we've never met in person. Yes, I believe we are friends by soul, in Spirit, in shared tribulations, and in the vastly different circumstances that have made us each into the people we are.

Thank you, Jess, for this:

What's in this package?
And how did the Post Lady fit it in the mailbox?

Cheesy "I'm posing for a picture" Grin


Inhale Deeply

Eucalyptus-y Wonderfulness!!!

Aren't they lovely?

Thank you!!!


jess said...

Yayyy!!! I'm so glad you like them!!!

It's funny, Todd just said, "It's weird seeing that package in someone else's mailbox, it was sitting around here for so long I got used to it." Ahem, yes, he is not wrong. :) I am not the most promptest of mailers, but I combined the PO trip with a visit to the library so all in all, it was a very good day!

Gypsy Guru said...

I have no room to talk - there are Christmas presents upstairs that were, in point of fact, purchased in plenty of time prior to Christmas to have made their ways to their perspective "giftees". Robert got really excited when he saw them and thought they had been gifted to US and wanted to go use them that evening. Ummmm... SORRY!

And, truth be told, I was totally impressed that you got them here so quickly... I didn't even have time to forget what would be in the box! :D