Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Gives?

Two words: I do.

No, this is not a "look how great I am because I have donated a bazillion dollars to XYZ charity."

No, this is not a "sing my praises because I gave selflessly and you should pat me on the back."

Really, this is more of a "I'm worn slap out and I feel like I'm drained of vital fluids - might you help me figure out how to refill my tank?"

There it is. I've done so much but managed to not do just as much. When does this checkbook get balanced because I seriously have a few more critical entries to make but funds are low and I'm on the edge.

The precipice is sneaking up on me, falling away a bit at a time, forcing me no alternative than to peer over the lip. I cannot see all the way to the bottom, what with all the fog and fire-breathing dragons.

I'm going to bed now and as I settle in for a (hopefully) pleasant snooze, I'll wonder if I could have made this entry more unusual or perhaps whether I might have worked in a few other random metaphors.

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