Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleep, Precious (Lost) Sleep

I should, by all rights, still be asleep. It's my day to sleep in, yet I am awake at my normal time. Why, you ask? My sweet old man Kitty. Decided he was going to sit beside our bed (on my side) and caterwaul. It's so rutting early that I had to adjust the monitor brightness since my eyes were being burnt from my skull. (Why that brings to mind the thought of solitary confinement is beyond me. Like I said, I should still be asleep.)

However, once awake, I started thinking. Always my downfall. I thought that I needed to start writing in my blogs more (hence the post). I thought about adding some of my crafting to this blog since my life is relatively without drama (just as I like it, thank you VERY much!). I thought that I'd like to fall back asleep but my brain refused to cooperate.

I've just gone over this post to check for errors - Oh the egregious blunders one commits while tired and typing in the dark! Hope I caught 'em all...

1 comment:

Kit said...

Good morning! :)
(or rather, good afternoon by now. . . I just have a moment before wrestling the kids into bed for a nap. . .)