Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Of All Things Time

I have often had the sense that certain parts of my life are flying by with a startling rapidity while other parts drag on like a decaying corpse sealed in time by an embalmer's ministrations...

I read an article this morning on Thai "body snatchers" (just before flipping over to check out Britney's bald head - she still has a pretty face). These folks are mostly Buddhist volunteers who outfit their own personal vehicles to be able to transport injured or expired people to the appropriate destinations (medical or morgue). They, because of their beliefs, pick up every bit of a person they can find so the person will be reborn whole in their next incarnation. What a genuinely morbid way to start a day that will inevitably (for me) include reading investigations about people suspected of committing insurance fraud... Perhaps it's high time I peruse alternative employment!

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