Friday, January 19, 2007


I've had the distinct pleasure of recently reconnecting with one of my cousins on my mother's side. We've had fun discovering how our lives have been both similar and dissimilar, reminisced about long ago Christmastimes and generally begun creating a friendship I hope will be long-lasting.

It makes me wonder how many of my other cousins would have an interest in rekindling family ties. I have cousins that range in age from my parents' age to my son's age who are scattered all across the country... What sort of fun might we all have if we could interact easily? It kind of makes me want to start building a family tree website where we could all "meet" and share our lives a little more frequently than we otherwise would. I know it's not a new idea, but it could sure be interesting!

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Kit said...

That would be cool- are they mostly "web-savvy"? I know that would be an obstacle for many of my family members. But if enough of them are active online, it might work beautifully. I know it's an idea that's been beat to death, but what about a yahoo group? It makes picture sharing easy, and the e-mail updates are a plus.

(Yup- I finally joined blogspot! I decided to keep a copy of my blog here as well as on myspace).